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Letter to the editor: Limbaugh’s main point was missed by his critics

While reading Ms. Chouinard’s view in last week’s issue of The Voyager on what Mr. Limbaugh said on his radio show, I thought the most glaring point is that not only did Ms. Chouinard apparently not listen to the radio program that day or any other day, but that she also missed the entire point.

Mr. Limbaugh’s point was not to argue against the use of contraception or against anyone using contraception, but rather how outrageous it was that someone, Ms. Fluke, was demanding that the Federal government provide free birth control.

The federal government does not create money, outside of printing it, but instead takes money from private citizens to fund operations.

I certainly do not want any of my tax dollars spent on funding birth control.

The federal government’s role is not to provide birth control to citizens.

Ms. Chouinard obviously does not understand that and feels that it is her “right” to have free birth control. I also find it ironic that Ms. Chouinard and other liberal women get upset at Mr. Limbaugh’s comments but don’t raise a second thought when liberal commentators such as Bill Maher refer to Sarah Palin as a c—.

Ms. Chouinard might, also, want to read into the difference between a right and a privilege.

Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and other rights written in the Constitution are rights.

The access to birth control, driving, air condition, etc. are privileges Americans receive by living in America.

These are not rights, but privileges.

Every women has the privilege to take birth control because it is available, privately, in the United States, but do not confuse this privilege as a right.

As for her misunderstanding of the term “feminazi” the term comes from the ultra-feminists who hate on everything male. It has absolutely nothing to do with the use of contraceptions.

Mr. Limbaugh is not concerned nor is he telling any women what she should or should not do in terms of taking birth control.

Mr. Limbaugh is advocating that the federal government does not have a right to take money from others including citizens whose religion condones the use of contraception, such as Catholics, to pay for birth control regardless of the use.

— Zachary Townsend 
UWF student

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One Response to “Letter to the editor: Limbaugh’s main point was missed by his critics”

  1. Joyce says:

    My opinion is that Mr. Limbaugh is the one who missed the point, and, ostensibly, so did the writer of this rebuttal.  Ms. Fluke spoke before the Senate on the value of government-subsidized birth control.  I would expect a counter-argument to her position, and I think the one above is a valid and thought-provoking one.  What Mr. Limbaugh did was was not to provide a counter-argument but to turn his attention to maligning the reputation of a fellow citizen whose opinion and rhetoric are not in lock-step conformity with his own.  Mr. Limbaugh made little contribution to the public discourse by setting upon this woman and calling her filthy names and deflected attention from his argument by making his attack so very personal.

    I agree with Mr. Townsend, by the way, on the premise that citizens should not have to unwillingly pay for the birth control of other citizens, but at the same time I am fully aware that under the current system, citizens unwillingly pay for the children of other citizens as well as tolerate with no recourse the practice of abortion in this society.

    Also, I take issue with your understanding of rights and privileges and hope that you will take the time to further educate yourself on the difference.  A privilege is something that can be suspended.  Taking birth control would most certainly be considered a liberty and therefore protected by the constitution.  The ruling in Griswold v. State of Connecticut affirms this fact.


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