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Florida universities face similar budget cuts, UWF not alone

Budget cuts across the state of Florida have been and will continue to be severe, especially when it comes to university budgets.

The state of Florida will cut $300 million dollars from its universities by the start of the fall term.

Several universities have been cut tremendous amounts of money. The University of West Florida is no exception.

West Florida will be losing $12 million from its budget, including the 15 percent tuition hike that has taken place over the past three years.

But UWF is not alone in this. The other universities in Florida are in similar situations.

Florida State University tops the list in terms of biggest losses with $66 million in cuts.

Not far behind them is the University of Central Florida, which is losing $53 million.

Kelly Layman, executive director of communications for the State University System of Florida Board of Governors, said she wanted to clarify some of the issues going around.

“There has been a notion out there for a couple of days (within attributed quotes by stakeholders/citizens, in particular) that tuition has been increasing across the entire State University System each year to make up for the difference in state FTE enrollment funding cuts,” she said. “As you know, this notion or statement is simply not the case — it is false.”

According to Lizette Alvarez, Miami Bureau Chief for the New York Times, 41 states cut their university budgets in 2011 and several states will continue to cut them again.

Florida has cut its budget 12 percent, but that is not nearly the highest. New Hampshire cut its university budget by 41 percent.

Students at UWF are not alone, budget cuts are taking place all over the United States and even though the economic situation is not any better, students can find comfort in numbers.

Josh Cooper
Contributing Writer 

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