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Proposed green energy fee set at 75 cents

At its April 6 meeting, the Student Government Association set the fee amount for the Student Green Energy Fund Proposal that students will vote on in an upcoming referendum at 75 cents.

The Student Green Energy Proposal is a grassroots, student-led initiative seeking to create a fund for campus energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at the University of West Florida, according to the Student Environmental Action Society website.

Since its introduction, students have shown support for the proposal. In a referendum held on Nov. 2, 560 out of 823 students voted for the fee.

The proposal has also been approved by the Board of Trustees and, most recently, the Board of Governors in March.

At the SGA meeting, members had difficulty reaching agreement on the desired fee amount.

Finance Chair Keldrick Averhart made a motion to set the fee at 50 cents. The motion failed on a vote of 8 to 10.

Sen. Jonathon Williams then moved for the fee to be set at 75 cents. The motion failed again on a vote of 8 to 10.

After the  two failed motions, Chief of Staff Amy Bueno stressed the importance of the vote, noting that if students, approved it in a referendum, the fee would be put into place for the next three years.

“You have the opportunity to set the stage for the next three years,” Bueno said.

President Josh Finley said SGA members should take the bill seriously. He said the vote would set a precedent for the future, as well as the number of projects that could be carried out at the University over time.

Sen. Katie Hudon suggested passing the bill on to the new members of SGA.

Finley said it should not be passed on to the new SGA Senate since the current Senate had more knowledge of the bill and its history.

Linzy Browne, student relations chair, said a resolution needed to be reached so the matter could be voted on by students.

“This referendum needs to go out to the student body as soon as possible,” she said.

The bill was brought back to the table again at the amount of 75 cents. It passed on a vote of 14 to 3.

If students agree with the 75-cent amount, the proposal would add 75 cents per credit hour to student fees.  If students disagree, the proposal would go back to SGA to determine a new monetary amount between 25 cents and $1.

Details of the upcoming referendum will be released as more information becomes available.  For more information on the Student Green Energy Fund proposal at UWF, visit

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Web Editor 

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