‘XII Oldest Secret Society’ leaving their mark at UWF

UWF student Demarcus Horne looks over mysterious grafitti outside the library. The graffiti is supposedly done by UWF’s secret society. (Photo by Max Nadsady)

Recent discoveries at the University of West Florida suggest a secret society exists among us.

“XII UWF’s Oldest Secret Society” has been found spray painted in gold letters on the concrete bench outside the UWF library. The number “XII” can also be found spray painted in various locations on campus, including in front of the Argo Galley, the Commons and the Nautilus Market.

This may be a case of vandalism, but the University Police did not respond to questioning. Finding out information on the culprit may be near impossible. The Lead Archivist Dean DeBolt, at UWF’s library has no history of the society in his records.

Vandalism is the number one motivation at the moment, according to most UWF students.

“I think it’s an eyesore definitely,” said UWF student Anna Trawick, while talking to her sorority sister Danielle Sanford, who also disapproves.

“If it’s so secret, why are there markings?” Sandord said. “I don’t know, its weird.”

Another sorority sister, Logan Rhoten, had similar comments.

“I have no idea, I think it’s a cult,” said Rhoten. She said if she was asked to join, she would turn down the offer. “No secret societies, my mom wouldn’t be happy.”

Another student had a brighter outlook on the situation.

“I started seeing them about a month ago and I was pretty clueless about it, but it looks like a pretty cool society,” said Alfredo Ramos, student, when asked what he knew about it. “It’s like the oldest at UWF.”

“Maybe a little bit of both. Maybe like an expression of art though,” said Ramos when asked if he feels the writing is an expression of art, or just vandalism.

More students though, still believe the spray-painted words are just a work of vandalism.

“They just appeared out of nowhere, it kind of seemed to happen overnight,” said Heather Edelman, student, when asked where the writing came from. “If I was part of an organization and wanted it to look good, I wouldn’t want to vandalize the school with that.”

When asked who she think wrote the words, she said, “I think it was probably just a student, someone, maybe part of an organization who just wanted to get their name out there.”

Whether XII UWF’s Oldest Secret Society is real is still a mystery waiting to be solved.

However, with this much attention and secrecy about the vandalism, answers and the culprit might be hard to find.

 Max Nadsady
Contributing Writer 

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