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Equinox Festival provides a day of local music and art

With the beginning of the fall semester, stress levels are already beginning to rise. The best cure for a week filled with stress is a relaxing, free celebration.

The Sustainable Living Concert Series and The Long Hollow neighborhood, north of downtown Pensacola will hold the first-ever Equinox Festival on Saturday.

“The purpose of this festival is to bring the Pensacola community into the neighborhood and show off its culture,” Johnny Ardis, an event coordinator, said.  “The Long Hollow Neighborhood has so many different artists and renaissance aspects that people should be aware of.  It should be a really fun event with lots of music and lots of art.”

The free event will be held at 1040 N. Guillemard Street from noon until 10 p.m.

“I think there are going  to be hundreds of people there,” said Mike Ill Kilmer, the co-founder of the living concert series and the lead singer for the musical act Mad Happy, which is one of the bands performing at the event.  “It’s a cool community event that is free, unlike DeLuna Fest, which is corporate and expensive.”

The event will have activities for all ages.

“It’s going have music, art vendors’ booth, kid’s crafts and food,” Kilmer said. “And the music is going to be all different styles that represent all the different cultures that live and are active in the Long Hollow community.”

The Equinox Festival was named for the day of the year that it will be held on.

“It’s an astronomical time period that happens twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall,” Kilmer said. “It is when the day is divided equally with 12 hours that are light and 12 hours that are dark.”

The festival will host musical acts such as Judy’s Time Steppers Dixieland Tap Dancing, Super-Hottie Mamas and Papas, Tupelo Honey Americana and St. Josephs Choir Devotional.

“I think that there is really going to be several highlights of the event,” Kilmer said. “St. Josephs Choir is performing at noon, and they are really amazing.  Then there will be some bluegrass in the afternoon and later on in the night there will be funk.  It’s going to be a full day of all types of amazing things.”

Since the Equinox Festival is a display of artistic talents, people who are attending are encouraged to dress in costumes.

“There is going to be some face painting, and people should feel free to dress up as outrageously as they want,” Kilmer said.

Students can visit the Long Hollow Neighborhood’s Facebook page for more information on the event.

Christie McClung
Staff Writer

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