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Scenic Hills Country Club is now a part of UWF

Business Enterprises, Inc. (BEI) performed a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, Sept. 28, to celebrate the newest part of the University of West Florida.

Alumni, faculty and staff, students, members of Scenic Hill Country Club and members of the community gathered at Scenic Hills for the ceremony which was to celebrate the opening of the golf course and country club to UWF.

The ceremony was introduced by Matt Altier along with UWF President Judy Bense followed by the ribbon cutting, alumni golf tournament, food and drinks, and a concert to finish the night.

“It’s going to be good for the University of West Florida,” Bense said in a speech at the ceremony.

BEI introduced the Scenic Hills Country Club as its newest benefit to UWF.

"The Scenic Hills Country Club includes a golf course that is 150 acres and 18-holes with a 12,550 square foot club house." (Photographed by Karianne Payton)

“We don’t celebrate our successes and we need to,” Matt Altier, CEO of BEI and vice president of Administrative Services said.

BEI organized the ceremony to introduce Scenic Hills Country Club as part of a benefit to UWF that can help our school grow. The ceremony not only gets the UWF community involved, but also the community outside of UWF involved.  It was a chance to bring everyone together.

BEI is a non-profit support organization that builds and manages public-private partnerships, creates new services and businesses to support the UWF community, and enhances current auxiliaries and businesses to increase alternate sources of revenue for the university. Funding is raised by the projects that do not include the students’ money or the state’s money. BEI is in charge of purchasing the projects for UWF.

The purchase of the golf course by BEI will enhance experiential education. It allows students in hospitality to work in the field and get actual experience rather than just read about it in textbooks. The country club allows students to get introduced to student training programs in their field with many different features. Students will be able to graduate with experiences rather than just a bachelor’s degree, Altier said.

“It is getting real world experience that you can add to your resume when you graduate,” Altier said.

Purchasing the country club also increases the recreation features of the school. The golf team will have a place to practice and host tournaments.

“As we look backward and into the past and look forward into the future this is a, I don’t want to say no-brainer, but this is so logical,” Bense said at the ceremony Friday. “This is the first project the UWF Business Enterprises, Inc., has ever done; it was an opportunity.”

The Scenic Hills Country Club includes a golf course that is 150 acres and 18-holes with a 12,550 square foot club house, according to the Scenic Hills Country Club FAQ.

Karianne Payton
Staff Writer

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