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UWF could be going green with electric cars on campus

The University of West Florida’s Student Government Association heard a proposal from ishareEV on Friday about the school receiving 200 electric cars that would be available for students to use any time for no cost.

“This is a project that is going to address a lot of issues, and one of those is parking,” Matt Altier, the vice president of administration services, said to the SGA. “It’s cutting-edge technology.  It’s very green, and it’s the first of its kind in the  world.  UWF has the potential to play a major part in this.”

The company proposed that the project would cut cost for students who live on campus or are in walking distance of school by making their own vehicles unnecessary. This would also eliminate the need for those vehicles to be parked on campus

“This is an absolute classic example of moving forward,” Judy Bense, president of UWF, said in a video presentation played for the SGA.

According to the presentation, the school would build a covered area that would be solar powered to charge each vehicle.

UWF will partner with businesses around town to install solar power pads on several parking places to charge the cars while students are away from campus.

Before checking out the vehicles students would be required to complete a safety training course, have a driver’s licenses and sign an insurance waiver.

The Power Point presented by iShareEV showed that the cars would reduce 16,000 tons of carbon dioxide in five years. There would be no vehicle, gas or insurance costs for students who attend UWF.

The school proposes to pay for these electric cars with fees that already exist, such as the green fee that students voted in last semester.

“I think the electric cars are a wonderful idea,” Cora Merritt, student body president, said. “It’s very innovative, which aligns with one of UWF’s core values.”

The green fee proposal process will be conducted by the Student Life and Services committee who will hear all the proposals for possible usages of this money and then decide where it would be best spent.

If the proposal is passed, UWF could see electric cars around April or May of 2013.

The SGA didn’t vote on the project, but Student Life and Services committee will consider it for possible use of the green fee.


Christie McClung
Staff Writer

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