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 How many visits with counseling services can we get per semester? Also is there outsourcing of counseling if we are online students and don’t’ live nearby to the school?

 Counseling Services provides free, confidential counseling to enrolled students. Currently, students can receive up to 12 individual therapy and 12 couple’s therapy sessions per academic year (Fall-Summer semester) with a maximum of 50 sessions during the student’s tenure at the university. There is no limit by semester, but most students are seen either weekly or bi-weekly.

 There are a variety of counseling services that are unlimited to students. These services include group counseling, biofeedback, crisis intervention appointments and psychiatric services.  Counseling Services offers a variety of groups to meet student’s needs.

 Groups to be offered in the spring semester include Women’s Understanding Self and Others, Body Wellness, Shyness and Social Anxiety, In, Out, and In-Between, Grief Group, Co-ed Understanding Self and Others, Healing Hearts expressive arts group, Black Student Empowerment Group, Men’s Understanding Self and Others, Yes, I’m a Black Man, Yes, I’m in College, and Sexual Assault Survivor’s Group. Group counseling is just as effective as individual counseling.

 Many students like the group format for connecting with peers, getting group support, learning about interpersonal dynamics and building trust.  If interested, please call and request a group screening.

 Online and commuter students can also access Counseling Services for free, confidential counseling. For students who live closer to Fort Walton Beach, counseling services is available at the UWF Emerald Coast Campus. In addition, Counseling Services will gladly provide referrals to the community if a student is not able to access the Pensacola or Fort Walton campus.

 For many students, approaching the end of the semester can be a stressful time. Counseling Services is here for you! To make an appointment, call 474-2420.

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