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Holiday season at a bargain price

The holiday season is in full swing and shoppers everywhere are on the prowl for the best deals. After Black Friday’s mass sales end, and Cyber Monday rolls into regular Tuesday, should the deals and great prices stop? Heck no!

Despite the holiday hype, money-saving deals are actually year-round and can be found both in stores and online.

Some stores, such as Bath and Body Works, often have great in-store sales on items such as fragrances and lotions. They allow customers to mix and match items for a reasonable price. For example, three items for $10.

Gyms and health centers are also great places to get in on holiday deals. Planet Fitness is sending its current members gym gift cards to give others to join at discounted rates.

Natasha Fuller, a Pensacola mother of two, said that she has narrowed her bargaining down to two stores.

“I like Wal-mart and Kmart,” said Fuller. “They’re always cheap and they have layaway. Being a mom, that comes in handy.”

Many shoppers who want to get shopping done quickly or who prefer the comfort of their own home opt for online shopping deals.

“I love shopping online because it’s convenient,” said Laketa Poindexter, owner of Do More You, a company that promotes and hosts events that focus on diversity in Pensacola.  “I love flash sale websites like and”

Rebekah McQueen, sales associate for Bed Bath and Beyond, said deals are practically hand-delivered.

“I mostly find great holiday deals at places like Kohl’s, Bath and Body Works, Bealls or Victoria’s Secret because they usually send me coupons in the mail this time of year. I even get to use those coupons on sale items. I have to save every penny I can nowadays.”

In addition to well-known stores and franchises, creative and cost-effective deals are also available. Shoppers can browse eBay for great deals on items such as clothes, electronics and jewelry. With the ability to bid on items, gifts can be purchased for cheap.

Crafts are another great idea for the money-conscious. Personal bags, pillows, aprons and a host of other items can be monogrammed for a personal touch. Other great gift items such as candle holders or picture frames can be made from recycled items you no longer want or use.

Another popular gift idea is gift cards; specifically, Visa, MasterCard and American Express gift cards because they can be used anywhere that accepts major credit cards.

The bottom line is that everyone loves the holidays, but not the empty pockets afterward. Looking for discounts and bargain shopping may take a little longer, but it’s worth the savings.

Mariah Whittaker-Jones
Staff Writer

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