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New year offers new priorities

No more turkey, no more ham, no more pie, no more fattening cookies and candy. Now it’s time to get in shape for Spring Break 2013!

The holidays are over, and one of the ways that UWF students can better themselves for the new year is to take one of the 21 group fitness classes offered at the HLS Facility this spring semester.

Senior Wayne Glass teaches the Adrenaline and Spinnerval classes offered twice a week.

“I was an overweight kid, and I made myself a regimen to get myself healthier and more in shape,” Glass said. “Over time I really liked exercising, so I started taking fitness classes here at UWF when I became a student.

“The instructor was talking about becoming certified for teaching classes one day, and I was interested. I did the material and took the test to become a fitness instructor.”

The Adrenaline class, offered Mondays and Wednesdays 11 to 11:30 a.m., tests participants’ strength and endurance through various fitness techniques such as running, mountain climbers, burpees and crunches.

“The Adrenaline class is hard when you first start taking the class, but your body gets used to the working, making it seem easier,” freshman Christian Baclig said.

The Adrenaline class is done as a group, but allows every person to complete the task at their own rate. Many circuits are done for an allotted time.

“If there are a bunch of new people in the class that day, Wayne sees that and tones down the workout for the day,” Baclig said. “This way the new people feel included and not completely overwhelmed.”

In addition to the Adrenaline class, Glass teaches Spinnerval, offered Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30 to 7:45 a.m..

“Spinnerval is like cycling a really fast bike,” Baclig said. “It looks simple, but it really is a  challenge when Wayne tells you to turn up the notch that makes it harder to pedal.”

It is the responsibility of each instructor to create their own routines and format of how exercises will be performed, known as circuits, that are performed in class.

“Some routines I’ll take from well known fitness instructors, but I always put my own take on it,” Glass said. “I also help to make the activity a level that the people in my class will like. It’s all about your surroundings and audience.”

The next American Council on Exercising Group Fitness Instructor training will be held Thursday, Jan. 24- Thursday, April 11 in Building 72, room 212. The class is $125 for current UWF students.

The ACE certification test will be on Saturday, April 27.

“More freshmen should become a fitness instructor at UWF,” Glass said. “That way they can maximize their profits over the course of their academic career at UWF.”

For more information about enrolling in the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Training, contact Sandi Demski at

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