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Bodacious Brew baristas bring the beans

“We want it to have a personal feel. We want to eventually be on a first name basis with our customers and know their orders when they walk in.” -Steve Schenck
(Photos by Carmen Jones)

The Bodacious Brew’s robust espresso, invigorating tea, mouthwatering gelato and health-conscious cuisine is bound to relieve coffee shop regulars of their daily grind.

The Bodacious Brew of downtown Pensacola opened early this month. With experienced baristas, a diverse menu and a staff whose priority is customer service, the addition to downtown Pensacola was greatly anticipated.

The Bodacious Brew isn’t just another coffee shop. The shop’s team was developed with great consideration for the community.  Its proficient baristas demonstrate integrity for the products and principles the Bodacious Brew was developed on.

“Our customer service is our main priority,” Jimmy O’Donovan, Bodacious Brew barista, said. “We really make sure the customers are really happy with the products and service here.”

Customers are greeted in a unique way upon entering the Bodacious Brew. The baristas welcome customers with an introduction rather than the usual, impersonal acknowledgement customers experience in most restaurants.

“We want it to have a personal feel,” Steve Schenck, operations manager, said. “We want to eventually be on a first name basis with our customers and know their order when they walk in.”

In addition to exceptional customer service, the Bodacious Brew strives to deliver dependable quality in its products. Frequent coffee shop customers tend to have a routine order and expect persistence in their favorite menu items.

“The consistency of our products is important,” Schenck said. “If a customer comes back and their drink isn’t the same we may not get them back again.”

Reliable products are one of the staff’s main concerns. However, a new menu is offered weekly to avoid monotony. The Bodacious Brew’s breakfast and brunch is satisfying for all taste buds, yet vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free items are available to accommodate all lifestyles.

Even though the Bodacious Brew is new, the “Vedge Wedge” is already a noted favorite among customers.

“The ‘Vedge Wedge’ is really popular with our customers,” O’Donovan said. “It’s a gluten-free, vegetarian wrap. The chef and our owner want to stay away from unhealthy foods with excess calories.”

Quiches, wraps and grits are some other menu favorites. While all menu items can be made to go, there’s no rush at the Bodacious Brew.

“Our customer service is our main priority. We really make sure the customers are really happy with the products and service here.” -Jimmy O’Donovan
(Photos by Carmen Jones)

“We definitely want it to be very relaxed,” O’Donovan said. “Come get a cappuccino or espresso drink with some food and sit there and enjoy it rather than grab it to go. The way it’s set up is a very opened environment and helps the customers relax. It has an inviting ambiance.”

The coffee shop’s environment is unique. There’s not customers lining the walls furiously working on their laptops or parties of customers disrupting the peace. The Bodacious Brew delivers a balanced environment suitable to all customers.

“We don’t want it to have a club feel, but we don’t want it to have a library feel either,” Schenck said.

Locals are excited about the opening of the Bodacious Brew for many reasons, but mostly because it’s locally owned.

“The coffee shop is definitely one of the best additions as it will be a great hangout for many locals as the downtown market and residential dwellings continue to expand,” Carmen Jones, a local photographer, said in an email.

The Bodacious Brew is located at 407 S. Palafox St. in downtown Pensacola. It’s open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and closed on Sunday.

Elizabeth Egstad
Staff Writer

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