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Competition heats up this IM soccer season

Intramural soccer kicked off this season Feb. 25, with 34 teams and more than 250 participants.

With 18 men’s teams, 12 co-rec teams and four women’s teams, bragging rights are up for grabs in all leagues.

Senior Katelynn Fritscher plays right midfielder for YOLO in the women’s league. Fritscher scored the lead-taking goal with 30 seconds left in a 2-1 win over Alpha Chi Omega Thursday night. YOLO has one win and one tie this season.

“I’m hoping for wins,” Fritscher said. “That’s our goal.”

This is Fritscher’s third season participating in intramural soccer and the second game-winning goal of her career.

Also in the women’s league, freshman Amanda Hayes said she brings a sparkling personality to her team Synergy FC, which holds a 2-0 record.

“Most of my throw-ins are good,” said Hayes. “I can get them pretty far.”

Hayes has been playing soccer for 14 years and said that the referees were pretty good and knew most of the rules of soccer.

In the men’s league, junior Justin Iserman has been to the intramural championship three times and lost every time.

“This is my year. I can feel it,” Iserman said. “You can count on the Sex Panthers being the number one seed at the start of the playoffs.”

The Sex Panthers are off to an undefeated start. Iserman said he is the alpha panther to his team. Starting his fourth intramural-soccer season, Iserman said he has a fair analysis of the referees.

“I’d give them a six out of 10,” Iserman said. “You can’t expect the best. They are students, too.”

Team UWF FC, also undefeated in the men’s division, is off to a hot start after a win Feb. 27.

“I was eating that guy (opponent) up, and I told him to get out of my house,” freshman Mattias Cruz said.

Cruz plays center-midfielder for UWF FC and has been playing soccer for 16 years. Cruz said he wasn’t too fond of the referees.

“Intramurals uses the same refs for every sport,” Cruz said.

“I can tell that they don’t all really know how to play soccer,” he said. “But it’s intramurals. It’s all for fun.”

In the co-rec league, junior Bryan Rhodes said he brings, at best, minimal experience to his team, Kickin’ Grass, but still found enjoyment in intramural soccer.

“I did a half-bicycle kick to prevent the other team from scoring in our first game,” Rhodes said.

He said he isn’t too optimistic about his team’s overall standing at the end of the season, adding that they may finish winless.

Co-rec contender Mallory Gohl is a graduate student at UWF and plays for the Rec N Crew. Gohl has been playing soccer for 18 years, this being her fourth year of intramural soccer. She says her best play came in a co-rec game in a previous season when she scored a goal from 10 yards outside of the box.

Gohl said she brings positive attitude and good spirit to the team.

“I’m also the team’s garbage cleaner-upper,” Gohl said. “Anytime the other team’s goalie doesn’t have a good handle on the ball after one of my teammates takes a shot, I’m there to sweep it up and score.”

Intramural soccer games take place Monday through Thursday from 8 to 11 p.m. on the intramural fields. The regular season runs through March 21, and students don’t have to play to have fun.

Spectators are encouraged.

Bryan Achatz
Staff Writer

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