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‘Goat Lips Deli and Dinner’ modifies location to house a variety of entertainment

Starting as a coffee shop in 2004, Goat Lips Deli and Dinner House has made modifications with the customers in mind. The deli, located on Copter Road just south of Davis Highway, is a spot for all ages.

“We used to glorify the fraternity parties, but we want a bigger variety of people to be interested,” Larry Cowan, the owner of Goat Lips, said. “We now have a targeted market at different times for different people.”

Cowan said that an additional deck was built to the back of the restaurant for live music, trivia nights and karaoke. He is also planning on brewing his own beer starting in the fall.

“We have crawfish boils, picnics, cornhole tournaments and bonfires,” Cowan said.

Trivia night is a popular night on Wednesdays. The winning team wins the golden goat trophy.

“Trivia is one of our biggest nights,” Leila Hobbs, a bartender at Goat Lips, said. “We usually have up to 50 people playing a night.”

Hobbs started working at the bar and restaurant in June. She said that students are a significant part of the customer base.

“For one thing, it’s definitely close to campus, and it’s just a very chill atmosphere with good food and beer,” Hobbs said.

The bar recently extended their closing hour from 8 p.m. to midnight.

“We have up to 16 draft beers and probably 150 bottled beers,” Cowan said. “We are always looking for the best new products to try and keep a fresh supply of beer.”

Along with beer, there is a wide variety of food at Goat Lips.

“Our most popular sandwiches are the club, Italian and the muffuletta,” Cowan said. “They are so generous in size, they could actually almost feed two people.”

Cowan said that the common favorite comfort food is the pot roast.

The recent additions to the restaurant have been added for the customers’ satisfaction and entertainment.

Bekah Roberts
Staff Writer

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