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Women’s rugby team gets a fresh start

Top row left to right: Jennifer Yeakle, Alex Fox, Jessica Fischer and Meagan Adams. Bottom row left to right: Alicia Byas, Iris Vincent and Kayley Dattilo. (Photo by Rebekah Roberts)

The University of West Florida women’s rugby club is trying to become a competitive sports team for the second time.

The rugby team currently consists of nine players, but needs 15 in order to qualify as a full team.

“We welcome anyone willing to play, even if they have never played before,” said Alex Fox, founder and president of the club. “We would like more than 15 girls so we can have a couple of substitutes during the games.”

Rugby can be described as a hybrid of soccer and football. The sport involves tackling and scoring similar to football, combined with a fast pace and lack of protective padding similar to soccer.

“It is a very extreme sport, but it’s so much fun,” Fox said. “I think a lot of schools are scared to have a women’s team because it is a full contact sport.”

The other founder and team captain, Iris Vincent, has been playing rugby since high school.

“There are people that have tried to start a women’s team before, but it never worked out,” Vincent said. “I started to really miss it, so I decided it needed to be done.”

Fox said, “Me and Iris were brought together through one of the guys on the men’s team, and it all worked out from there.”

The team plays tournaments at The University of Alabama and local areas. Team dues are $20 a semester.

“We are trying to make it an affordable club for anyone who wants to learn the sport and make new friends at the same time,” Fox said.

The team practices on Mondays and Wednesdays for two hours with the men’s team.

Bekah Roberts
Staff Writer

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