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The next generation of SGA officials are sworn in

Vice President Sherrell Wood and President Christopher Hill were sworn in during the April 12 Student Government Association meeting.
(Photo special to The Voyager)

The University of West Florida’s Student Government Association swore in a new president, vice president, senate president, treasurer and 16 senators at its transitional meeting April 12. The SGA also swore in three chairmen to serve on committees within its legislative branch.

Cora Merritt, former SGA president, said she hopes to leave behind a tradition of school spirit at UWF.

“I hope to have left a legacy behind of Argo pride where students are really proud to be an Argonaut,” she said. “I want to have hopefully created a legacy of new leaders and students who are really eager to get involved, not just with student government, but other organizations, and also one of strong advocacy for students. I always wanted to be a strong voice for the student body.”

Merritt said the SGA’s executive board transition will be held Friday, April 19.

New SGA President Chris Hill said he plans to further Merritt’s goal to increase the SGA’s visibility around campus. He also said he plans to promote student involvement with the SGA.

“One huge piece of advice that I have for him is to put the students first in serving them, and always remember that they’re the reason we’re here,” Merritt said.

Hill is a graduate student in the MBA program, and previously served in the SGA as a senator and director of student life.

“One of the big platforms that me and Sherrell [vice president] worked on was to make sure student organizations are more involved in student government,” he said. “We’re looking into an incentive program to actually get more student organizations to come to these senate meetings instead of just the senators, so they understand what’s going on around campus.”

Hill said SGA is looking to fill more of the senate seats by the fall semester.

Elizabeth Wright, a freshman social work major, said that as senator she wants to ensure that students’ concerns and ideas are represented by the SGA.

“Our main goal is to represent the students in senate, make sure that their voices are heard through legislation and different events.”

Wright previously served as vice-chair for SGA’s freshman committee.

“My goal this year for students is to get their voices heard,” Wright said. “I know that we’ve had some lack of school spirit and participation in SGA events and just events in general. I want to be able to bring students to the forefront, and let them know that SGA is here to serve them and make sure that they know that this program is about them and we’re representing them.”

Morgan Smith
Staff Writer

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