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Argonauts sweep Hawks

This past weekend the No. 21 ranked UWF Argonauts took on the Shorter University Hawks at Jim Spooner Field and sent them home Sunday afternoon with their tails between their legs. The weather was perfect for all three games and the Argos’ performance on the field was even better.


For the first game of Saturday’s doubleheaders, the Argos wasted no time putting runs on the board. By the time the top of the fifth inning came around, both Kaleb Barlow and Austin Southall had each hit a home run.

Argos’ pitcher, Matt Rodriguez knocked a double deep into center field. This would-be single coupled with sloppy ball handling by the Hawks’ outfield, allowed him to make it all the way to second base.  After Cliff Covington got thrown out at first base, Garrett Flynn stepped up to the plate and provided solid contact sending the ball deep into center field netting him a double and  sent Rodriguez home, adding another run to the Argos’ scoreboard.

With Drew Bryson on the mound and a quick-on-the-draw infield and outfield, the Argos managed to hold the Hawks at bay and provided no opportunities for crossing the home plate. The final score for this game was West Florida 10 – Shorter 0.


The second game of the evening had the Argos showing no signs of mercy for the Hawks. Jake Stephens was on the mound for the first six innings of the game and pitched a total of seven strike outs while allowing only three hits.

Alex Greene stepped up to bat in the third inning and was able to send the ball deep into right field which allowed him to make it to second base. Dustin Saulmon was up next and hit the ball out to  center-right field, ran to second base and Greene made it around third base and finally to home plate, putting the first run on the board for the Argos’ second game of the day.

Still in the third inning and with Drew Prichard up to bat, Saulmon managed to steal third. Pritchard ended up getting walked. Barlow stepped up to the plate next. After teasing the Hawks’ pitcher enough, Prichard wound up stealing second base. Barlow knocked a single deep to right field, batting Saulmon in.  While Max St. Hilaire was up to bat, the catcher dropped a sloppy pitch, providing a perfect window for Prichard to steal home and Barlow to steal second, giving the Argos a 3-0 lead.

The Argos sealed the deal with two more runs: one in the fifth inning by Barlow and the sixth inning by Greene. The final score of Saturday’s second game was another win for UWF of 5-0.


Sunday’s game kicked off at 1 p.m. and it wasn’t until the third inning that runs started to make it up to the scoreboard.

Flynn was up first for the Argos’ third inning and was walked by the Hawks’ pitcher.  Jeremy Bajdaun was up next and sent a groundball down to left field, securing a single and sending Flynn making it to second base safely. Saulmon stepped up next and took a hit in the arm, making the bases loaded.  Prichard took the bat next and sent the ball sailing out to right field, bringing both Flynn and Bajdaun home.

Southall took to the plate in the fourth inning, made a hit out to center field and found himself on second base. Josh Allen bunted and made his way to first base after the Hawks’ pitcher and third baseman struggled with deciding who was going to pick up the ball. Southall took advantage of this mishap and advanced to third base. This inning ended with Southall eventually advancing to the home plate, bringing the score to 3-0.

In the seventh inning, the Hawks snuck a run up on the board but when the Argos stepped up to bat, they shut down any false hopes the Hawks may have had of heading home with a win, or any more runs for that matter. St. Hilaire shook things up with a homerun to left field, bringing the score up to 4-1. Dustin Saulmon and Andrew Rodriguez got the last two runs of the game bringing in another win for the Argos at 6-1.

“You’ve got to make sure you try to keep that intensity and concentration level even though you feel like you’ve got the game in hand,” Argos head coach, Mike Jeffcoat said. “That helps you with your mentality as we go down the stretch here in the post season. The game’s never over ‘til it’s over.”

This was the last home game for the Argos this season. Next weekend, the team will head to Livingston, Ala. and then they have the Gulf South Conference Tournament in Chattanooga, TN. the following week.

Joshua Morton
Staff Writer

Argonauts sweep Hawks

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