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Dine ‘Al Fresco’ downtown

Plans show the desired outcome the designers proposed in the plan for Al Fresco, Pensacola’s new go-to location for a variety of flavors from four different food trucks.

There are several types of dining locations in downtown Pensacola. Now residents, visitors and downtown workers can enjoy even more variety because there is a new outdoor food court open for business.

Al Fresco is a collection of four food trucks and one restaurant located in downtown Pensacola at Palafox and Main streets. There are flowers and trees for people to look at while they are sitting in the middle of the dining location. The sitting arrangement is in rows with rectangle tables, which makes sitting with friends or co-workers enjoyable during a nice afternoon outside while they eat their lunch.

There are three dining places to choose from with two opening soon. Jerry’s Cajun Café offers sandwiches, salads, sides, soups and kids meals. The prices range from $9.99 for a seafood dinner plate to $1.39 for coffee.  This location was once open, but it closed and is now being reopened.

There is also Z Taco Fresh Mex, which is already open. This diner offers meals such as the Palafox Bowl, which is a dish that has beans, rice and cheese cooked together for $4.95.

Gouda Stuff is another place where people can dine.

“I actually came up with the name of that one,” Jerry Mistretta, the proprietor of Jerry’s Cajun Café, said. “Gouda is a type of cheese, so it was kind of a play on words because we’re going to specialize in gourmet grilled cheese, sandwiches, and grilled meats and cheeses.”

The menu prices for Gouda Stuff include tacos for $6.99 to $10 for other items, Mistretta said.

There are two more additions to Al Fresco opening soon. The Greenhouse will serve smoothies, salads and juices, while Shotgun BBQ will offer classic barbecue.

“The menu will consist of traditional barbecue by award-winning pit master James Hall, who started his company in 1989,” Michael Carro, who came up with the idea of the food trucks, said.  “Some dishes will include pulled pork, ribs and smoked sausage.”

College students are encouraged to come out and enjoy the food.

“They will be there all of the time since the atmosphere is cool and hip,” Carro said in an email interview. “A place to hang out and be seen. They will love Gouda Stuff Gourmet Melts where they can sample over 10 different varieties of grilled cheese and the “canon balls” which are deep-fried macaroni and cheese balls served with a marinara sauce. For the health conscious, The Greenhouse will be a hit serving smoothies, fresh juices and salads.”

Carro said both The Greenhouse and Shotgun BBQ would open for the public to enjoy in about a month.

Amanda Nelson
Staff Writer

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