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Avoid the ‘Freshman 15′ with fitness classes

The “Freshman 15” is a known phrase on college campuses. Along with new experiences and new friends comes the possibility of a few new pounds. Hectic schedules and late-night studying can tempt students to make unhealthy eating choices. In order to avoid making unhealthy choices, students must maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Recreation and Sports Services on campus provides all the necessary tools to live a healthy lifestyle, and now it’s your turn to take advantage of them.

Laura Graham, a registered dietitian, spoke to the University of West Florida athletic teams about how to balance school with a healthy lifestyle. She recommended modeling meals after the MyPlate guide from the Department of Agriculture. The website Choose My Plate shows how to control those high-calorie, high-fat meals when eating in the dining hall, Graham said.

“The most common reasons for gaining weight in college are late-night junk-food snacking,” Graham said in an email.

Examples would be pizza, fast food, and drinks high in sugar, such as fruit juices, energy drinks and soda.

Healthy eating and working out are both necessary when trying to stay fit. One without the other will not allow your body to reach its full potential. UWF has a facility that allows students to stay in shape and enjoy doing it.

Fitness/Wellness Graduate Assistant Elizabeth Hedrich teaches Motivational Cycle at the gym on campus. After an internship with Navy Federal for their corporate wellness department, Hedrich said she fell in love with it.

“Cycle class in general is very cardiovascular,” Hedrich said. “A lot of people will do moderate intensity activity like the treadmill and elliptical.”

Hedrich said participation in his cycle class will help the heart, aid in weight loss and maintain health.

Yoga, Tabata, Zumba and Pilates classes are also offered at the gym. Tabata is a recently added class taught by UWF student Josh Epstein. Tabata involves high-intensity interval training that uses anaerobic and aerobic systems.

“Personally, I think it’s a great class,” Epstein said. “It only last 45 minutes. It’s real short and sweet, and it gets the job done.”

Group fitness schedules and descriptions can be found in the gym or at the Recreational Department.

Quick Breakfast Ideas

  • yogurt
  • fruit with peanut butter or string cheese
  • granola bar
  • peanut butter sandwich

Healthy Snack Ideas

  • Low fat granola bars
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Low fat string cheese
  • Popcorn (98% fat free without movie butter, like Orville Redenbacher)


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