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U.S. Green Building Council seeks to create a green campus

By Alisa Festagallo

University of West Florida students have started a chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council in hopes of creating a more environmentally friendly campus for students, faculty and staff.

Nye Grant, visiting assistant professor of the department of Applied Science, Technology and Administration is the sponsor of USGBC and brought the idea to the students. All the students were interested in making a better impact on the environment, so they started the club this semester.

Tyler Clukey, a junior construction engineering major serves as the president of the chapter. Clukey said he has big plans for this club and the members involved, like their first project, the Earthship.

The Earthship is going to be a structure composed of compacted dirt and used tires that can be used as a seating area right outside of the science and engineering building for students and faculty to hang out, study, and take a break from class.

”The Earthship provides a more laid back environment that’s not too uptight and takes your mind off of just school, school, school,” Clukey said.

There is a United States Green Building Council in Pensacola that was established in 2006 and extends from Escambia County to Bay County. Members of the USGBC at UWF have already attended one of their meetings and plan on collaborating with them throughout the year.

Besides their first project they will be meeting with the Student Government Association in order to get funding needed for their projects and their sponsor will be meeting with the Dean of the college and Associate Dean in order to get their Earthship project approved.

”We are trying to not just talk about clean sustainability but actually take action and start building structures safe for the environment,” Hanson said.

They have a base amount of students but are hoping to recruit more members by talking to people in and outside of their classes so they can find people that aren’t just specific to the construction engineering program.

For more information on the organization, you can contact Justine Hanson or Tyler Clukey.

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