Aetertek AT-216F Wireless Containment Fence Review for 2014

The Aetertek AT-216F Wireless Containment Fence is one with no gimmicks. It has mediocre performance and is adjustable from 0-55 yards. The receiver is waterproof, rechargeable, and also comes with 3 modes of correction: Warning, vibration, and then shock.





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The Features It Comes With

  1. The whole package has been designed to come with the features expected of it. Whether it works or not depends on the seller. It comes with 10 levels of correction which consists of beeps, vibrations, and later shock. This wide range of correctional levels allows for good flexibility and ensues your dog or pet gets warnings before correctional behaviors are enforced.


  1. It also comes with flags to show the areas your pet is to stay within. This witty feature allows the dog to know its boundaries and generally makes it easier for you also as visual displays means the pet will not easily forget. After the training, the pet should be accustomed to stay within the boundary.


  1. The package also comes with a master controller which is easy to use and has a simple display. It should take an individual only a few minutes to get accustomed to it.


  1. Some people will be happy to hear it comes with a manual. The manual consists of a set of instructions which are simple to follow. The information provided are done so by experts and are therefore credible.


What Are The Reviews?

The Aetertek Wireless Fence does exactly what it is supposed to do, for some people. Like any other product, some people find it problematic. However, for the users it worked for, one common thing most of them liked was the ease of use. The device was easy to setup and use and also came with clear instructions for those who might have problems.

They were also impressed with the levels of correction, it comes with 10 levels of correct. It consists of a beep as a warning, then a vibration, and finally a shock.

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Easy To Use

The thing we were also impressed with was the ease of use. By simply reading the easy to follow manuals, we got accustomed to using it within 10 minutes. We tried it on our friend’s dog and within 3 days, it already got accustomed to using it. It never got shocked because it always stopped after it heard a beep. However, results may vary for different dogs are some are more intelligent than others.


For the people who found it to work, the transmitter and receiver were quite effective. When they were no barriers to interrupt the signals, it worked perfectly and beeped accurately. Enough for the pet to know its limits. This is an important thing to watch out for. Look at our buyers guide for more information.


Some people are not comfortable with shocking their pets. People like these will be glad to hear that the shock feature can be turned off so that they can work with just beeps and vibrations. Though it might take longer to train the dog to stay in, it will be worth it in the end. For most people, beeps alone were enough to train the pet.

Wireless Feature

The wireless feature is convenient for some. The reviews for this feature are mixed and it is completely up to the individual to try it out for themselves. However, it is always more convenient to set up a wireless dog fence compared to a wired one. Read this article to find out more about why you should select wireless.


Signal Problems

Some people complained that the wireless feature is not accurate therefore confusing the dog. More specifically, the system is prone to have problems with physical barriers which can easily be solved with clearing the pet’s play area. For this reason, it is safe to say that this device is optimal for people with uncluttered homes/areas. Should you have cluttered places, simply clear the area. It will make the signal less problematic and even give your pet a better environment to play in.


The Aetertek AT-216F Wireless Containment Fence has a few problems some people complain about. In congested areas, some pets get confused because of the signal problems. Random beeps and vibrations makes it think it is doing the wrong thing.

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