How to check your water pressure

Part of planning for any room renovation in your office that has pipes and drain lines is to resolve whether you have clogged drain pipes that need to be cleaned or replaced. Pipes can collect grease build-up or rust over time. In some cases, this corrosion or grease build-up can narrow and constrict the size of the pipe by half. If this is the case, you probably should replace these pipes as part of your planed project. It will be cost effective to do all of the plumbing work on a room at once. It also makes a world of sense to fix the water pipes before you install new plumbing, cabinets and wood flooring.

So how do you know if you have clogged drain pipe? The best way to make a basic decision is to evaluate the flow of water through your drain pipes and out the hose bib. It is not strange for homeowners to confuse water pressure and water flow rate. The water pressure should be steady in all parts of your homes fixtures. Water pressure should also be the same in your Charlotte area home as in other homes around Concord NC. Water pressure should also be the same at all times day or night.Flow of your water through the pipes can be affected by mineral build-up inside the copper pipes.

Check your flow of water – the amount of water coming out of the sink – in multiple parts of the house at the same time. The flow should be the same, for example, in all sinks in the house. If you find that the flow of water from a individual faucet is less than other faucets, you need to do some investigation on the pipes. If you have noticed that the flow of water through your neighbors’ homes is much stronger than yours, you should have a plumber investigate the problem.

Without proper water flow – no matter what the water psi is showers,faucets and even toilets will not work properly. It is important then to check the water rate before your install new plumbing fixtures.

If you will be replace drain pipes, here are a few things to keep in mind:
pvc pipe is easier to work with than cast iron pipe
CPVC pipe can only be used for cold water applications. Be sure the CPVC pipe you choose is approved for portable water, if allowed by code
ABS pipe can be connected to several kinds of cast iron pipe, but is used mainly in older homes for waste removal and drains.
PEX can be used for both hot and cold water, and is a good choice for dyers
copper is mainly used for hot water; it is a good substitute for galvanized pipe
This might be what you are replacing

Clogged pipes cause restrict flow of water into and through out your home/office faucets, shower heads, etc. Replacing old, clogged cast iron pipes will increase water flow in general. It will also improve the working of washing machines,showers pressure, whirlpool tubs, and much more. The best time to replace old clogged pipes is during a remodel.

Charlotte NC Sewer cleaning

A Charlotte NC sewer plumber that can help you with your sewer drain issues within the area is Charlotte Sewer, providing you great reliable services for your plumbing problems. Contact a Charlotte NC Sewer cleaning plumber today to speak with one of our representatives to see how Charlotte Sewer can assist you with services in drain cleaning. If you are living in the Charlotte area, or the surrounding Lake Norman areas within the Mecklunburg County limits, there are many different plumbing services that we can assist you with whatever your problem might be were the plumber that you are looking for.

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We provide home remodeling services that go together with are great plumbing services in the Charlotte area, and we have many years of experience to ensure that you get the quality of service that you are looking for. We offer sewer ejector pump services and well pressure valves service and any slab leak services. Other plumbing services that we offer to all our clients in the Charlotte NC sewer plumbing areas and the surrounding areas include water line repair, leak detection along with sewer repair services in Concord NC.

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choosing the perfect kitchen faucet.

When remodeling your home in the Charlotte area, no item is too small to take time to research before making a good decision. This includes most every thing from the roofing of your Charlotte condo down to the kitchen faucets you chose. Most Charlotte area homeowners may think that this is just another part of choosing the kitchen sink, and while it’s correct you should work the two together, careful thought needs to go into each choice individually. After all, you put significant thought into remodeling your Charlotte area home down to the exact style you want.

The all-important budget needs to be set before you chose the perfect kitchen faucets can begin. A kitchen faucet can range from $35 all the way up to $1000. It is best to set a cap and only focus on the selection within your budget. There are plenty of choices offered for every price point.

The most quantity of kitchen faucets can be put into three basic types: center-set, widespread and mini-widespread. The center set style would be the most common one and the least costly. Most times, there is only one handle for both the hot and cold water, but two-handle choices are offered as well. With widespread faucet feature spouts mounted separately for the hot and cold water. The easy installation allows for extra features and the handles can vary from 6-15 inches away. And the mini-widespread faucet designs are similar to the wider variety except the spouts are only 4 inches from center to center,or 2 inches left to right making them less price.

If you are looking for a true professional Charlotte plumbers to install your kitchen faucets, please contact us today by phone or from are contact page on are web site.

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The Voyager plumbing and drain is a locally owned and operated business with over 25 years of experience. Our plumbers have seen just about everything that can happen to a home in the Charlotte NC area. Call our professional, courteous and qualified plumbers to fix any plumbing or drain problems you may have. We service all of your plumbing needs from clogged toilets to water heater installation and so much more.

how to choose a plumbing contractor for your project.

It isn’t easy to seeking out the right pluming technician to execute your plumbing job in your property, but it is extremely necessary that any kind of plumbing job inside the residence or business should be carried out by knowledgeable plumbers. If the plumbing contractor’s construction is bad, it can be hazardous on your behalf and your residence or commercial building. To select the ideal plumbing service provider, you must learn in what manner to interview plumbers.

Decide on your plumbing contractor by the work that you want done. If the work is simple, a less knowledgeable plumber may be hired, and this will save your cost. But if the work accommodates new water pipes or sewer drains, just a certified professional plumbing contractor has to be able to address it correctly. Any kind of sub-standard jobs can unleash critical damage to your property, for instance, by starting a flood.

Your friends and family may without a doubt recommend you plumbing technicians. Nevertheless, acquaintances inside the construction market might have more suitable recommendations. Once you have got the recommendations, call the plumber and inquire for them to be interviewed. Make sure that the plumbing technician brings a copy of his license and proof of insurance, otherwise do not interview at all. After the plumbers visits your residence/business, show him the work that you wish for him to perform, so he may send you a bid. Ask for recommendations, for the reason that former customers will suggest you their plumbing technician, especially as-soon-as he/she has done multiple satisfactory projects.

Make certain you don’t choose an plumbing technician just by looking at their quotes. The service plumber who offers the most references and has quite a few years of professional experience is the plumbing contractor you may want to hire. They all as well must have a enjoyable attitude, since he has to be operating around the home and his presence and purposes shouldn’t make you nervous. His characteristics needs to be taken into account, before any other things.

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Solar water heater

Solar water heater helps in heating water with the help of solar energy for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Basically a solar water collector that is placed in a wall facing the sun helps in heating the cold water with the help of the rays of the sun. The heater is available in two types i.e. active and passive. The collectors consist of a box that is insulated and has a black painted glass cover, a solar metal absorber that is flat and is fastened to wires made of copper. Heat is stored in a separate water tank with an outlet and inlet which is attached out to the collector. Passive collectors make use of electricity to produce hot water where there is no access to sunlight and the temperature is too cold. Now let’s talk in brief about both these systems.

solar water heater

Active system:

Direct: This system makes use of pumps. The water moves from solar collectors to storage tank with the help of electrical pumps.

Indirect: In this system the solar collectors heat the heat transfer fluid and not the water. The fluid then flows through a sealed piping of a heat exchanger which is full of water. The water absorbs the heat from the fluid and then is pumped inside the storage tank.

Drainback: This is similar to the indirect method. The only difference here however is that it uses distilled water as the heat transfer fluid. It has a separate tank for the distilled water. Pumping out the heat transfer liquid into a separate tank makes it perfect for use during cool climates.

Passive system:

There are two kinds of primary systems namely

Batch: it is a tank inside a solar collector without any tubes. The water heats inside and either the gravity or the tendency of the hot water to rise, moves the water upwards and the water reaches the home pipes.

Thermosiphon: In this the water collector and solar system both are separate. Cold water moves through the solar collector tubes and then natural convection pumps which results in hot water in the storage tank. That water then travels to home pipes.

By now you might have understood the variation in the working of the solar water heaters on the basis of collector classifications and the active and passive distinctions. To make it easy for you, I would be explaining the working of a basic solar water heater. This would help you to understand the common mechanisms in a solar water heater. The key mechanisms are as follows:

Heating: The collector is exposed to sunlight. The radiation from the sun passes from the glass top into the collector, here it is absorbed by the heat absorbing material. Thus, the radiation from the sun is converted into heat and the water inside the collector gets heated.

Movement: Now the water is heated and it needs to be transferred to the storage tank. Gravity or the convection can play a decisive role in the movement of the water.

Gravity: If the storage tank is situated at a lower level than the collector, then the heated water will be transferred to the tank under the influence of gravity.

Convection: It is the phenomenon by which the water tends to rise after heating. If the water tank is situated at a level higher than the collector, then the water rises to the tank through convection.

Storage and Use: Storage tanks are used to segregate the water from the collector. The tanks should ideally be kept in a conditioned environment to avoid the cooling of water due to external atmosphere. This water can be used by connecting pipes to the tanks. In a geographical region with ample sunlight, a solar water heater can meet 80-90% of the household requirements.

In the Need for a Plumbing Service call?

Imagine returning home from work to find a puddle underneath the faucet in your kitchen or the toilet in your guest bathroom overflowing. Think about the anxiety that would come with not only having to clean up the mess, but being forced to find a reputable plumber with solid work experience to make emergency repairs. It can all happen this suddenly and without any warning, so it’s best to consider what you need to do in the event that this kind of situation occurs. The earlier you think about the scenario and the best path to a resolution, the better off you’ll be if it ever transpires. Check out the top attributes to look for in a plumbing service provider to help guide you in the right direction.

Excellent Customer Service
You also want to go with a plumber who knows how to communicate in a clear and tactful manner. The plumbing industry is a customer-oriented field in which professionals are equally held accountable for their services, as well as their sensitivity to people’s feelings and needs. Look for someone who exhibits superb problem-solving skills, active listening skills, diplomacy, and an approachable nature. Anyone who seems confrontational or secretive is most likely not the best choice.

Affordable Rates
While effective plumbing services aren’t known as the cheapest investments, they still don’t have to deplete your whole savings account. Be sure to compare prices to find the most reasonable deals. Also, keep in mind that cheap doesn’t always mean better just like quality doesn’t necessarily equate to hideously expensive prices.

Find Qualified Professionals
Hiring an unseasoned plumbing technician that isn’t licensed is just as bad, if not worse, than not hiring one at all. You want someone who can naturally demonstrate their expertise and won’t shy away from having you take a look at their professional background. Don’t take someone’s word for it just because they seem knowledgeable on the subject. Research your candidates thoroughly, ask meaningful questions during first-time consultations, and feel comfortable getting a second opinion, if necessary. These types of actions on your part can keep you from literally throwing away money on an inferior plumbing job and then having to rehire a legitimate plumbing expert to come in and fix the discrepancy, ultimately costing you more money in the long run.

a few of the Most Common Plumbing Problems.

Running Toilet

Don’t let your money go down the drain with a running toilet! Most running toilet plumbing problems are fairly easy to fix. It is usually just a matter of replacing a warped or broken flapper, getting a new chain, or readjusting the float. These are all quick, inexpensive fixes for your toilet.

Garbage Disposal

While garbage disposals are a convenient appliance, you mush treat them with care to keep them running smoothly. Common causes of a garbage disposal jam include running it without water, disposing of inappropriate food items like potato skins and rice or foreign objects like silverware. If hitting the reset button doesn’t work, you’ll need to break out the tools to fix the jam.

No Hot Water

If you have ever tried to take a shower and found that you have no hot water, you probably have a real appreciation for a properly working water heater. One of the most common causes of a sudden lack of hot water is the pilot light on a gas water heater going out. You can follow your water heater’s manual to relight it. If you get some hot water but not enough, the tank might need to be drained of sediment. Other possible problems include thermostat issues, a faulty thermocouple, or a faulty pilot. Water heaters can be dangerous and need to be serviced by a professional. Other than re-lighting the pilot or draining, they are one plumbing issue best left to the experts.

Low Water Pressure

Does your sink give you a drizzle when you need a strong stream of water? If it is just the hot water, first check to make sure that the hot water heater’s shut off valve is completely open. If that does not fix the problem, you’ll need a plumber to look at the hot water heater. If you are experiencing low water pressure with cold and hot water, the aerator is likely clogged. Clean it with vinegar or simply replace it. If your shower is suffering from the low water pressure, soak the shower head in vinegar.

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Slow Drain

Accumulated hair, soap scum, and personal care products can build up in drains causing them to drain slowly. Slow drains are one of the most typical plumbing problems you’ll face. Remove the pop-off drain cover and clean any debris. (Warning: it’s gross. Consider wearing gloves). You can also use an auger to clear the pipe or if you do not have an auger, partially straighten a wire hanger and use it to pull up any debris (also gross). If that doesn’t fix the problem, try using a plunger to loosen debris. Flushing with baking soda and vinegar will help as well. Do not use harsh chemical drain cleaners! They can damage pipes. If the drain is still running slowly, call a plumber as it can mean you have bigger problems.