Best Wireless Dog Fence Review

2014 Top Wireless Dog Fence Comparisons

 Mostly composed of dog owners, we know how frustrating it can be to have a dog sometimes, especially when it comes to keeping it around a designated area. Before you eventually progress to the actual review, it is important you know that people who wrote this article are people who have used the wireless dog containment systems and we do our best to produce both positive and negative aspects to using each product. In order to maintain the quality of our information, we stuck to only a couple of manufacturers like PetSafe and Havahart as well as others that you will discover soon. While there are other manufacturers out, we have found the ones listed below provide the best value for your money.

Listed below Are Best Sellers in No Order (More information can be found by clicking “Check Latest”)

Dog lb
# of dogs
Rating(Max 5)

Aetertek AT-216F
15-150lbYes26 acres 2Check Latest4.2

Havahart Radial-Shape2
8lb+Yes11 acres2Check Latest4.5

Havahart Custom-Shape
8lb+No25 acres2Check Latest4.0

Petsafe Wireless Containment System
8lb+No.05 acresUnlimitedCheck Latest4.9

Petsafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence
5lb+Yes.75 acresUnlimitedCheck Latest4.5

Petsafe Wireless Mapping Fence
15lb+ Yes0.5 acresUnlimitedCheck Latest4.0

Perimeter WiFi Wire Free Dog Fence
Yes2.5 acres2Check Latest4.2

On the chart, we have listed what we believe is the most important information and cut out the fluff. With information such as dog weight, coverage area, price, average ratings, and backup battery, you should have no problem which you believe is the best. While these are designed for dogs, keep in mind that they can used for any pet that meets the weight requirements- so long as the pet is smart enough to be trained.

Why Review Eight?

While reviewing, we did not put a specific number in mind, our mission was to simply find the best out there and eight of them happened to be optimal based on our research. If we did have a number in mind, it would be 5. Though we could have easily ignored 3 more, we felt that it was best to include them because price is also an important factor in getting a wireless fence. Check out our buyer’s guide for more information. Other fences not included in the chart have very low quality features and ratings and would deem useless compared to others in the same price range.  They all had some things in common; unstable receivers that deliver corrections accidentally. It is like torturing your pet and would be an injustice to reference those models.

cute dog

What You Should Expect In the Package

For more in depth information as to what you will receive in your package, read reviews dedicated to each wireless dog fence. However, you should generally receive these common items:

  • Collar with the receiver
  • AC Power Cord- to power the device(transmitter)
  • A power chord
  • Transmitter which consists of an LCD screen and buttons for control. This should be kept safe indoors and away from moisture.
  • Manuals- Either for installation or dog training or both.
  • Training flag(s), for some.
  • Batteries for the receiver. Sometimes rechargeable batteries.

Heavily dependent on the type of containment system you choose, the package might include other things such as screws and/or something to mount.

Why take Wireless over Underground/Invisible?

The reason why we advise you take a wireless one is because of the total cost. Though the underground one can be more accurate, it cost more to get it setup. And should one decide to set it up on their own, it will be a lot of work. Besides, wireless pet systems are portable, which makes it very convenient for some people who do not own their own house. They are also easier to setup.

As already mentioned in an article we wrote, there are some bad things that come with selecting a dog radio fence.  Since they only cover a circular area, it inconveniences some people who intend to keep the dog away from very particular places. It is harder to gauge with the wireless system since most people do not have an idea what kind of radius it covers despite being given that information.  An example is someone set it up one day, and it went as far as the street which was not intended. If you want more in depth information on this subject, visit “Why Setup A Wireless Dog Fence


Wireless Receiver Collar

Some receivers will only emit a sound signal should the dog approach the boundary of the designated area. Some other receivers will deliver weak signals as a warning and depending on how close your dog gets to the boundary, the signals get stronger. Some models have the nice feature of when the pet approaches the boundary, it beeps to alert it before sending a shock and this is normally enough warning for most dogs.  In a perfect world, it is good to have both types for different situations.

Some electric fences can support two receivers. Most packages come with one receiver, this means you will have to purchase another one separately should it be that you have more than one pet that meets the minimum weight requirements. Some manufacturers are nice enough to include two pins and 90% of them are waterproof.

Dog fence DIY

With this system, installation is easy. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Mount the transmitter to a surface such as a wall or and plug it to a power outlet (different models require different setups and checking the installation manuals they come with will show you what to do).
  2. Adjust the boundary limits from the knob.
  3. Finally, insert the batteries and put the receiver on your dog.

You are not done yet as you will need to train your dog to be more accustomed to it. Be sure to read our guide on doing so. But we will give you a quick summary of what you should do.

Train Your Dog to Get accustomed

train the dog

You will have to place flags around your designated boundary with a space of at least 10 feet between each. You will have to teach your dog to prevent itself from crossing the flags and know what the beep or warnings mean. To make things simple, walk your dog close enough to hear a beep, then walk it back and reward it. It can be a praise or a treat. This regimen should be continued for a 3 day, 15 to 20 minute session.

Be sure to train your pet to not cross when it gets excited, so do some discipline training or “distraction training”. Treat it as gently as a pomsky.

Do not ponder on what is provided here as most packages come with DVD instructions with a lot more detailed information.


Now that you are done reading, it is time to take action. The wireless dog fence reviews we provided should be provide you sufficient information to make a decision. Be sure to select one based on your budget, needs, and try to balance it out.