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Modern day performer evokes 1960s nostalgia

Lana Del Rey, who has been described as a “gangsta Nancy Sinatra,” released her first album, “Born to Die,” on Jan. 30. (Photo special to The Voyager)

Lana Del Rey’s album “Born To Die” presents to the music world a sense of sweet nostalgia.

Rey’s retro ’60s voice curves and weaves throughout her album, producing a new atmospheric rhythm to each song on the playlist. Although her voice is unique to this day and age, it mimics husky and soft female voices from the past.

After listening to the album, one might want to kick off one’s shoes and walk barefoot for the rest of one’s  life. The music seamlessly blends into the alternative and pop musical genres. Honestly, her music presents a little something for everyone.

If you’re having troubles in the pursuit of love, soaring gracefully through the realm of love, or absolutely hating the idea of love, her melodies exude it all.  The sounds take you on a trip through all of love’s wonders. The lyrics are honest and blunt. I like to call them relatable.

Many of the songs depict a way of life widely known during the 1950s and ’60s. Rey took a past lifestyle and warped it to fit the present day. Genius!

If you know James Dean or Marilyn Monroe, then you will hear how the essences of Rey’s album stands behind those iconic shadows.

“Radio,” a song off of the album, seems to reflect the adversity Rey faces within the music industry because of her unique and retrospect identity. Rey seems to voice what she feels on the matter by stating in her lyrics that “their heavy words can’t bring me down,” and that her life is now “sweet like cinnamon.” When has cinnamon ever been sweet?

Rey performed one of her singles off of the album called “Video Games” during a Saturday Night Live show and the reviews of her performance weren’t as great as her music truly is.

It’s easy to lose yourself within her music. The orbs of kicks, claps and basses among her deep and sultry voice paints a picture through the foam of your headphones, a picture you may never want to take your eyes away from -— or in this case, your ears.

Whether you classify her music as alternative, pop, or rock, one thing is for sure. Her musical work is mesmerizing and addictive.

“Born To Die” has a four-and-a-half star rating on Apple iTunes. It is indeed deserved.

 Michelle Fells
Contributing Writer 

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