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New Mutemath album an eclectic musical mix

"Odd Soul" is Mutemath's third album. (Photo special to The Voyager)

Mutemath’s third studio album, “Odd Soul,” is just that: odd.

The New Orleans natives have created an album so different from their previous releases that at first it made me disappointed with the sudden and abrupt change in the band’s style.

However, as I continued through the album, I suddenly found myself singing along to the catchy, well-crafted lyrics, humming along to the powerful and  consistent riffs, while tapping my toes to the rhythm.

When first listening to the beginning of the album’s title track “Odd Soul,” I felt a sudden spell of déjà vu, since it sounded eerily similar to the style of the White Stripes with the simple, repeated drumbeat  and consistent guitar riff. As the song continued, the track turned bluesy, bringing out the band’s hometown influence.

The second song on the album, and one of my personal favorites, “Prytania” sounds like a swing song with a modern-day twist, and it is sprinkled with some blues and ambience, making this song almost impossible to keep yourself from moving along with the beat.

While its first single off the album, “Blood Pressure” continues to share the blues-driven feel with a catchy chorus. It has traces of Wolfmother’s style in certain parts, but highlights drummer Darren King’s percussion talent.

“All or Nothing” truly showcases the band’s ability to master a mid-tempo song. The melodies of the keyboard drive along to a simple drum beat while singer and keyboardist Paul Meany sings lyrics such as “Everyone has an hourglass to turn back upside down.”

The album “Odd Soul” was written by Paul Meany, Darren King and bassist Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas, according to the album’s insert.

Each track on “Odd Soul” has its own sound and personality, making it hard for me, and possibly other fans of the album, to mark one track as the “favorite.”

Although Mutemath has indeed changed its sound from its “typical” alternative rock, the new album sounds like the band has finally come into its own sound while keeping the same soul.

Katherine Cordero
Staff Writer 

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