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Don’t call it a comeback with RadioLive

By Antonio Jones

Music Lovers have been enjoying RadioLive performances for 25 years. The show returns Sept. 5

Music Lovers have been enjoying RadioLive performances for 25 years. The show returns Sept. 5

Get ready to jam to some great music because RadioLive is live again on WUWF Public Media after a two-year hiatus.

RadioLive was around for 20 years before repeated budget cuts put it to rest. Now thanks to the Clark, Partington, Hart, Larry, Bond and Stackhouse law firm, RadioLive will be back Sept. 5 at 6 p.m. to bring many more  musicians.

“Our firm is committed to improving the quality of life in the Panhandle for our clients, employees and the community,” Scott Remington, president of the law firm, said in a WUWF press release. “Furthermore, we wholeheartedly support WUWF’s mission of enhancing the vibrancy and the arts in Downtown Pensacola.”

Lynne Marshal, the director of Promotions and Outreach for WUWF, said CPH Law are contributors in the communities, and they really enjoy WUWF’s programming.

“It was just a way to give back to the community,” Marshal said. “Right now it’s for a season and they will be the main sponsors for that year.”

This comeback also marks the 25th anniversary of RadioLive’s first live broadcast and will feature musical guests Grant Peeples, Smithfield Fair and Callaghan.

“I think I do a total of six songs, and that is one of the things that is really interesting about how Pat Crawford produces this show, it’s one of the most interestingly produced shows I have ever played,” Peeples said. “In other words he’s got three acts,  and each act plays a total of six songs. Every night I have ever played, the room as been packed, I mean wall-to-wall people, and I can only assume that it is going to be that way this time and that it will continue to be that way.”

Anyone who has attended RadioLive in the past will remember these guests Marshal said. She went on to say it is not just artists who are known in the area,  but some even come from out of state.

“Just come out and have a good time,” Marshal said “As far as I am concerned there is nothing that can beat live music and being in the audience.”

People can also bring canned goods to help support  Manna Food Pantries and RadioLive has generated four to five thousand pounds of food for Manna Food Pantries every year.

WUWF FM has been around for more than 30 years and has converted the televised performances to high definition. RadioLive is not the only showcase  on WUWF. They also have its own television station, which launched in 2003, which is streamed on wuwf.org, where you can find more information about RadioLive and WUWF programs.

“Not a week goes by when someone doesn’t stop and ask me at a restaurant or the supermarket when we will be able to bring RadioLive back,” Pat Crawford, WUWF executive director and RadioLive host said in  the press release. “Now I can say, thanks to the generous and community-minded firm of CPH Law, RadioLive will be coming back in September 2013.”

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Radio stars at UWF

From left: Raleigh, Kyle, Maggie and Nick Hooks are the band members who make up The Hooks. The band has a popular song on the radio, “Coming After Your Love.” (Photo by Liz LeForce)

The University of West Florida is home to many talented Argonauts, even a band that tied with famous singer, Adele, for the No. 1 spot for most-added song to a radio station. The band’s single “Coming After Your Love,” won that distinction.

The Hooks, as the band calls itself, consists of all siblings. They are a pop/rock band, and the members write all of their own music.

The lead singer/guitarist, Kyle Hooks, and the keyboardist/backup singer, Maggie Hooks, are currently students at UWF. Kyle is a senior finance major, and Maggie is a freshman nursing major.

The members in the band write a couple of songs, and each month they take their songs to Nashville, Tenn. to a recording studio to have them recorded. The Hooks’ family is from the town and has a personal connection to the recording studio they visit.

The band’s record label company is Hit  Brothers Records. The label works to land air time for the band’s songs at many different radio stations.

On the Adult Contemporary chart the band’s single went from the No. 112 spot to the No. 55 spot in just a week. On the chart, the band was right behind Bruno Mars, Lady GaGa and Maroon 5. It beat out Selena Gomez, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

‘It was really cool to see the band rank near some famous artists on the chart,” Kyle Hooks said. “Some of my favorite artists were right in front of our name, and some were even right under our name.”

He said the band originated “kind of by accident.” Hooks started a band of his own, at first, playing lead guitar. One time at the recording studio, the lead singer forgot the song, so the song was recorded with Hooks in that role. When that band fell apart, he decided to form a band with his musically talented siblings.

The band practices
20 hours a week together, and they each practice privately every week.

On top of that, the band is constantly updating its website, Facebook page and YouTube account. Nick Hooks said, “We really try to reach out to our fans and show them that we are listening.”

The band currently has about 23 songs recorded, but the talent doesn’t stop there.

Maggie and Kyle have the talent of juggling both the band and school. He is taking nine credit hours, and she is taking 14 this semester.

The new The Hooks album will be available on iTunes on Jan. 24.

 Emily Hales
Staff Writer 

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